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Lisa Morales Teams Up With Rodney Crowell For “Flyin’ And Cryin’

Jerry Holthouse

Flyin' and Cryin' (ft. Rodney Crowell)

“Rodney is not only an incredible songwriter,” says Morales, “but one of my favorite souls on this planet. I was honored that he felt a connection to the song immediately and wanted to collaborate.”

Both “Flyin’ And Cryin'” and “Freedom” appear on Morales’ upcoming EP, Rain in the Desert. Slated for release on March 11th, Rain in the Desert will be followed on May 5th by a Spanish-language EP, El Amor No Es Cobarde. Together, the two records find Lisa Morales delivering songs about motherhood, womanhood, and the need to work together during divisive times.

The Latin influences that run throughout El Amor No Es Cobarde nod to Morales’ childhood in Tucson, Arizona, where she grew up surrounded by traditional Mexican music. Music ran in her family. Her cousin, Linda Ronstadt, is a pop legend in her own right, and Morales continued the family tradition by forming a critically-acclaimed duo, Sisters Morales, with her sister Roberta. The siblings released six albums together before Roberta passed away in August 2021.

Now carrying the torch for both her family and her heritage as a solo artist, Lisa Morales continues to blur the boundaries between genre and culture. Rain in the Desert and El Amor No Es Cobarde, which were both recorded at Sonic Ranch Recording Studio in Tornilla, Texas, with producer Davíd Garza, are the latest chapters in a rich, multicultural story that continues to unfold with every song.

Rain in the Desert tracklist: 1. “Freedom” 2. “Flyin’ And Cryin'” (ft. Rodney Crowell) 3. “Desperately” 4. “Reach Out” 5. “Rain in the Desert”

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