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Lisa Morales Releases Music Video For “Freedom”

Debbie R. Edgerton

Freedom Video Release

Mexican-American vocalist, and singer-songwriter, Lisa Morales is proud to release her new single "Freedom," which is out now. This is the first single from her highly anticipated third solo album She Ought To Be King. The Texas-based artist calls on people to come together in these stressful personal and political times. She demands people's rights and paints everyday portraits of the pressures of motherhood and womanhood.

In "Freedom," Morales sings about the power of loving each other as a mother does, and speaking up when we see injustices. The message: simply love thy neighbor. Morales elaborates, "Women and children can no longer be abused. We can no longer turn the other way because human beings being harmed IS NOT OK. African Americans can no longer be treated as if they don't belong, Mexican Americans are Americans! Asian Americans are Americans! LGBTQ are to be respected!"

The single is produced by noted singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist David Garza. "Freedom" features Santana co-founder Gregg Rolie, who plays organ and provides backing vocals. It also features bassist Tim Lefebvre, keyboardist Rachel Eckroth and drummer Beth Goodfellow. It was recorded at the renowned Sonic Ranch Recording Studio in Tornillo, Texas, which gave Morales an isolated and creative environment to focus on making music.

"Freedom" is just a taste of the upcoming album and maintains the high standard of emotional forthrightness that Morales established on her earlier solo efforts Beautiful Mistake and Luna Negra & the Daughter of the Sun. Her solo albums won universally ecstatic reviews. Lone Star Music called Beautiful Mistake " of the most beautiful records that will be released all absolutely flat-out devastating and stunning work of art." Of her second release, Rolling Stone called her," of the most multifaceted artists to watch." The later album revealed her Mexican heritage, both in poetic and lyrical rhythm, weaving Spanglish which sets her apart stylistically.

Like her cousin Linda Ronstadt, Lisa and her sister Roberta grew up in a musical family in Tucson, Arizona, learning to perform traditional Mexican music while developing broad-ranging musical taste prior to moving to Texas. She recorded six albums with Sisters Morales, the beloved sibling duo in which she partnered with Roberta, who passed away from cancer in August 2021.

It's been roughly a year since the last election, which demonstrated how the country focuses more on our differences and fighting, rather than on what unites and connects us positively. Morales concludes about "Freedom," stating, "It's a very simple message. Love one another, be kind, do the right thing, be honorable and help one another." Catch Morales on tour now as she performs "Freedom" alongside more new and classic material.

Watch the new music video here: Lisa Morales - Freedom (Official Video) - YouTube

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